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This table lists all my event reports in chronological order, with the most recent first.

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Format: 2099
Title Event date Author firstname Author Surname
ONLINE Angela Harding in conversation from her studio 28 November 2021 Angela Harding
Introducing...debut novelist Kate Sawyer 1 July 2021 Kate Sawyer
Melissa Harrison in conversation ONLINE 2 December 2020 Melissa Harrison
Word Perfect with Susie Dent ONLINE 8 October 2020 Susie Dent
Liz Trenow in conversation 26 February 2020 Liz Trenow
Liz Calder in conversation 30 January 2020
Meet the author - Henry Blofeld 2 November 2019 Henry Blofeld
Lindsay McCrae 1 November 2019 Lindsay McCrae
Nicola Upson in conversation 26 September 2019 Nicola Upson
Max Hastings on 'Chastise' 24 September 2019 Max Hastings
Martin Walker in conversation 16 September 2019 Martin Walker
Victoria Hislop in conversation 29 May 2019 Victoria Hislop
Oliver Soden on Michael Tippett 7 May 2019 Oliver Soden
John Connolly in conversation 7 May 2019 John Connolly
Jill Dawson in conversation 17 April 2019 Jill Dawson
Erin Kelly in conversation 11 April 2019 Erin Kelly
Joanne Harris in conversation 5 April 2019 Joanne Harris
Sue Quinn on Cocoa 27 March 2019 Sue Quinn
Matt Gaw in conversation 6 March 2019 Matt Gaw
Julia Blackburn in conversation 20 February 2019 Julia Blackburn