Melissa Harrison in conversation ONLINE

Wednesday 2nd December 2020, 6.00pm
Venue: The Cut Online
Tickets: Donation

'The Stubborn Light of Things' is the latest book, a nature diary, by award-winning novelist, nature writer and hit podcaster Melissa Harrison, following her journey from urban south London to the rural Suffolk countryside.

'When I lived in London I barely noticed the winter solstice. Nothing slowed, contracted or dimmed to mark the shortest day of the year, for, like all cities, London has all but left such trifling considerations behind. But now I am in Suffolk, and the difference could not be more marked. I wake in dim half-light, the yellow windows of nearby farmhouses glimmering across frost-white fields. At three the rooks begin to gather in the leafless trees, and flocks of starlings start to move from place to place. When darkness falls, the nights are blacker than I've ever seen, the starfield so breathtaking that Orion and the Plough are lost amid a million other points of light.'

'The Stubborn Light of Things' will transform the way you see the world.

Melissa will be in conversation with Catherine Larner, online from 6pm on Wednesday 2 December.

Tickets are free but donations are welcome to support ongoing events at The Cut, Halesworth, Suffolk. Details here.

The Stubborn Light of Things
by Melissa Harrison

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