Monthly Book Group

Each month I host an open meeting in Woodbridge in Suffolk. We used to meet in the town's bookshop but now gather together in a nearby hall. We usually focus on modern fiction and the discussion regularly attracts around 20 people, men and women, of all ages. Everyone is welcome to join in but please let me know you are planning on coming along. Sign up to the e-newsletter here to receive details. Scroll down to take a look at the titles we've read over the year, and view the archive for past discussions.

Book Group List for 2008

5th October 2008
by Gaynor Arnold

The group was divided in its enjoyment of this book, many being frustrated it didn't deliver more.

7th September 2008
by Meg Rosoff

The local setting for this book didn't sway the group overall as most considered this an unoriginal story which held no surprises. But some of us loved it!

3rd August 2008
by Rose Tremain

A powerful, moving and completely consuming account which has been meticulously and sensitively researched. Huge admiration expressed for the author.

6th July 2008
by Barbara Pym

There were elements considered charming and amusing, but overall the group felt this wasn't the best book by Barbara Pym.

1st June 2008
by Alaa Al Aswany

Described as being Dickensian in its rich characterisation, the book was enjoyed by all the group, being charming, funny, pithy and vivid.

4th May 2008
by Patrick Gale

Descriptions of Cornwall and the Quakers appealed to the group, and this book inspired many to read more from this author.

6th April 2008
by Shirley Hazzard

Despite many recommendations, this book didn't strike a chord with this group. A difficult style and subject.

2nd March 2008
by Phillipe Grimbert

Deceptively simple language which revealed an intriguing, haunting and terribly sad story, enjoyed by the whole group.

3rd February 2008
by Ian McEwan

A stunningly beautiful, moving and haunting book which attracted the largest ever attendance, with a number of men!

6th January 2008
by Amy Tan

Most agreed this book was too long and based around caricatures. Disappointing.