My book review of 'The Dry' by Jane Harper

by Jane Harper
The Dry
by Jane Harper

It hasn't rained for two years and the tension in this small rural town in Australia is as tight as drum. There's almost no surprise when it looks like a father has committed suicide after killing his daughter and young son. People have been pushed to their limits.

Policeman Aaron Falk is in town for the funeral of his childhood best friend. He lives and works in the city now, but is drawn into the investigation into the deaths of the Hadler family. The tragic events weren't quite as they appeared, it seems.

As suspicions grow, Falk is forced to confront the secrets of his own past in a community which rejected him twenty years previously. And he and Luke Hadler shared a secret.

Gripping thriller and an intriguing and attractive introduction to Aaron Falk. This novel has been worth all the attention it has generated!

Review date: September 2017