My book review of 'Ajay and the Mumbai Sun' by Varsha Shah and Illustrated by Sonia Albert

by Varsha Shah and Illustrated by Sonia Albert
Recommended age: 8+
Ajay and the Mumbai Sun
by Varsha Shah and Illustrated by Sonia Albert

A wonderfully nostalgic and evocative cover design, and a story about a budding newspaper magnate seeking to overcome his humble and tragic start in life - this book jumped out at me from the start.

Aimed at readers aged 8-12, this is an action-packed story of ambition, determination and community. 

Ajay was abandoned on the Mumbai railways and life is hard. He's living on his own, selling newspapers to make money for food.

But Ajay has big dreams. He wants to be a journalist, writing the reports for the newspapers.

He approaches the local editor with an article he has written, hoping to be given a job. But Ajay is only 13 and staff are being laid off not hired. 

Then Ajay discovers an old, discarded printing press and, enlisting his friends to help, he starts producing his own news sheet. It may be blue ink on pink paper but the stories Ajay brings to his community could really make a difference. 

Fast-paced and wonderfully descriptive, full of the noise and bustle, colour and life of an Indian city, this is an inspiring, uplifting and entertaining story of hope and possibilities. I loved it!

Review date: May 2022
Publication date: 7th April 2022