My book review of 'Mister Toots' by Emma Chichester Clark

by Emma Chichester Clark
Recommended age: 3+
Mister Toots
by Emma Chichester Clark

I've very much enjoyed the work of illustrator Emma Chichester Clark, particularly her stories about Plum, her dog.

This was a rather surprising departure, I thought. Not what I was expecting, but there's a lovely colour palette, quirky characters and a timely message for us all.

Mister Toots is a rather strange creature who arrives one day on the doorstep of Bella's family home. He can't make himself understood so they don't know where he's come from, what he needs or what he is called. The only sound he makes is a Toot, so that is how they know him, Mister Toots.

Welcoming him into their home, Bella and the children give Mister Toots a bed, food to eat and friendship. He becomes a much loved member of their family and their neighbourhood until one day he disappears into the sky.

No one knows if they will ever see Mister Toots again, but then they have another surprise.

Ultimately this story has a profound message for our present time. It's about kindness and compassion, and accepting and welcoming strangers and it's charming, poignant and wry.

Review date: March 2022
Publication date: 17th March 2022