My book review of 'The Blue Tit Travels Africa' by Astra Taylor-Todd

The Blue Tit Travels Africa

by Astra Taylor-Todd
Recommended age: 3+
The Blue Tit Travels Africa
by Astra Taylor-Todd

This is the first in what is hoped to be a collection of seven books, each showing the inquisitive, adventurous and familiar tiny bird exploring one of the seven continents. It was devised by the author-illustrator who is a keen adventurer herself, though she is based in Suffolk.

The story is simple but charming and amusing, and as this tiny bird meets many wild, large and strange-looking animals, he realises that different doesn't need to mean scary.

The most striking elements of this modest book, though, are the illustrations. They are extraordinary. Astra was nominated for the David Shepherd wildlife painting award this year... and she is self-taught.

This is such an unusual book, written and illustrated by Astra Taylor-Todd. It's aimed at the very young, but the pictures will appeal to all!

A percentage of profits from each book will be donated to Explorers Against Extinction.

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Review date: December 2020
Publication date: 21st November 2020