My book review of 'Exit' by Belinda Bauer


by Belinda Bauer
by Belinda Bauer

Having read Belinda Bauer for the first time a couple of years ago when her novel 'Snap' was longlisted for the Booker Prize, I am a fan. And I was full of anticipation for this similarly concisely titled novel.

But it was nothing of what I was expecting.

It opens with a couple from an end-of-life organisation seeking to help an elderly, ill man, die. Made me feel rather uncomfortable, and it got worse!

One of the pair is still in training, and makes a rookie error. But her partner is accommodating and magnanimous. We all have to learn sometime. Then, when the deed is done, they leave the room to find a door across the corridor opening and another elderly man expecting their visit. They've killed the wrong man!

The central character is Felix Pink, a pensioner who believes he's performing a charitable act, then finds himself a fugitive from the law. While he's on the run from the police, he tries to find out the truth behind the mix-up. Is it his fault, or is he a pawn in a more sinister affair?

I've never understood black humour but I think this might be it? Found it was very funny, but kept making me squirm. Could you/should you write about assisted suicide in this way?

I continued reading and continued enjoying it. Thought it very well done, though not sure it'll be for everyone...?

Reminded me of the books by Marina Lewycka.

Review date: May 2020
Publication date: 21st January 2021