My book review of 'The London Eye Mystery' by Siobhan Dowd

by Siobhan Dowd
Recommended age: 7+
The London Eye Mystery
by Siobhan Dowd

Ted and Kat are waiting for their cousin, Salim to come off the London Eye. They've seen him get in, and watched his pod on its entire rotation, but when the doors open, he doesn't come out.

The family run through all the possibilities becoming more and more desperate - spontaneous combustion? kidnapping? - but he's just disappeared. When the police are called, they don't have any better theories, so Ted and Kat overcome their differences and decide to investigate for themselves.

Ted has a special way of looking at things (it seems suggestive of autism) and this helps him and Kat to get closer to solve the mystery.

This is an intriguing story. There just doesn't seem to be any solution to the mystery and you are desperate to keep reading to find out the truth. Along the way, Ted's quirky character adds humour in what could be a distressing situation. The story is beautifully pitched and a compelling read for children aged 7 upwards.

The children at Woodbridge Primary School Book Group loved it, and they discuss the story on Deben Radio.

If you enjoyed this book then try The Guggenheim Mystery by Robin Stevens, which was inspired by this story.

Review date: April 2011