My book review of 'Worrybot' by Simon Packham

by Simon Packham
Recommended age: 9+
by Simon Packham

I hadn't realised that if children weren't able to attend school in person, it was possible for them to be present in class through a robot. But a book by Lisa Thompson called 'The Small Things' introduced me to the concept a few months ago, and this is another story based on the same idea, and it's also brilliant! Aimed at readers aged 9+ it covers bullying, anxiety, moving schools, trying new things and friendship.

Josh is a worrier. He worries about everything. But he seems to be making progress with the coping strategies suggested to him by his teacher and his supportive parents.

But then Mum announces that she has got a new job and they all need to move to a new house and that means a new school for Josh.

Not all the other pupils are mean to Josh but he does find it hard to fit in. And he's surprised to find that there's a robot on the desk next to him!

This is Charlie who joins in the lessons remotely. They soon become friends and it seems that they might be able to help each other overcome their particular difficulties. But things are never that simple.

This is a great book which handles lots of themes with fun, positivity and sensitivity. A lovely story.

Review date: August 2023
Publication date: 3rd August 2023