My book review of 'Friends and Traitors' by Helen Peters

by Helen Peters
Recommended age: 9+
Friends and Traitors
by Helen Peters

A beautiful cover and a good old fashioned adventure for modern readers, aged nine upwards.

Set in a grand country house, it's based on real events where there was an aristocratic plot to bring down the government and hand over control to the Nazis in World War II. In this story two girls, Nancy and Sidney, save the day.

Initially we learn of life from two very different perspectives. Nancy is a maid while Sidney is a pupil at St Olave's boarding school, relocated to this country house because of the war.

They seem to have nothing in common and there is a certain amount of friction and conflict when they do have occasion to meet, but they both independently suspect landowner Lord Evesham of treachery. Together they vow to find the proof they need to thwart Lord Evesham's terrible plans.

It's a thrilling read. Lots of boarding school capers of ghostly goings on, secret passages and creeping around at night. There's wartime courage and daring, though tragic events are never far away. And these are resourceful girls from very different backgrounds who work together to bring justice. A brilliant read!

Review date: July 2023
Publication date: 6th July 2023