My book review of 'If I were king' by Chelsea O'Byrne

by Chelsea O'Byrne
Recommended age: 3+
If I were king
by Chelsea O'Byrne

What would it be like to be king? Thomas thinks it would be great - he could eat what he wants when he wants, do what he wants, wear great clothes and have lots of nice things. And he'd be in charge! Oh, how he wishes he could be king and escape his annoying family.

Even though Thomas loves books and escaping into different times and places with wonderful stories, his little brother keeps interrupting him. Thomas wants time and space to himself, to do what he wants to do.

One night things really get Thomas down and he wishes with all his heart that he could be king so that he could have everything just as he wants it to be.

And the next morning, amazingly, that's just what happens. He wakes up in a different place, full of toys where he can eat cake for breakfast and his annoying family are nowhere to be seen.

It may seem like fun to start with but will it last?

This is a charming story about the power of imagination and the joy to be found in home and family. Lovely colourful illustrations for children aged 3 upwards.

Review date: May 2023
Publication date: 6th April 2023