My book review of 'Britain's Living Seas' by Hannah Rudd

by Hannah Rudd
Britain's Living Seas
by Hannah Rudd

Fully illustrated throughout with wonderful photography of birds, fish, plant life and the coastline across the British Isles, this is a fascinating, accessible book introducing us to our extraordinary wildlife while stressing how it is under threat and what we might do to save it from further deterioration. 

Hannah Rudd is a young marine scientist who is passionate about the sea (and sharks hold a particular fascination). This is her first book, commissioned by the publisher after seeing Hannah's contributions on social media.

It's a fabulous book getting a perfect balance of facts, storytelling and activism. She tells us about pollution, industry, fishing and how we depend on the sea in so many ways that we don't even appreciate or acknowledge. 

Hannah hopes that if we understand more about our seas and appreciate their beauty and complexities, we will cherish them rather than plunder them. Here's hoping. I was certainly very inspired and energised.

You can read more about Hannah and her career in marine science in my article in the latest issue of Suffolk magazine here.

Review date: February 2023
Publication date: 19th January 2023