My book review of 'One Puzzling Afternoon' by Emily Critchley

by Emily Critchley
One Puzzling Afternoon
by Emily Critchley

This is an engaging and gripping story of an elderly lady who is about to move out of her home to relocate nearer her adult son and his family.

Edie is preparing for this big step but there seems to be some unfinished business.

On a walk through the town she spots her old schoolfriend Lucy, looking just as she did all those years ago, as a 15-year-old girl. Edie has been diagnosed with dementia, so no one takes her seriously.

But Edie believes she has to find Lucy and put right a wrong from decades past. Though she can't remember what that is.

The story tells of Edie's search for Lucy and for their past together so the narrative takes place in two time periods, present day 2018 and 1951 when Edie was a sad and lonely young girl eager to be friends with the popular new girl on the street. But both girls have challenging family backgrounds to contend with.

Edie is a well drawn character and it's a page turner of a book which will appeal if you enjoyed 'Elizabeth is Missing' by Emma Healey or Joanna Cannon's books 'The Trouble with Goats and Sheep' and 'Three Things About Elsie'. I couldn't put it down!

Review date: February 2023
Publication date: 25th May 2023