My book review of 'The Funny Life of Football' by James Campbell

by James Campbell
Recommended age: 7+
The Funny Life of Football
by James Campbell

After England's success at the Women's Euro 2022 competition and the start of the football season this month, it's a timely release for the new book by Suffolk author James Campbell. And it's another example of his quirky take on life.

Don't expect this book to help you in a quiz, school project or for your homework, he says on the opening page. "Anything you might learn from this book might not be very accurate."

There are facts and figures in here, but there's also a very silly sense of humour. This means the book is likely to appeal to a lot of people, he says - people who love playing football and those who love watching football, but also those people who hate football and those who really don't care one way or the other. 

And it's true. The author goes off on so many tangents, incorporates so many themes which can be remotely linked to football, and has such a unique approach to, seemingly, the most straightforward of subjects that he is certainly likely to grab the interest of anyone and everyone who picks up this book.

And it's packed with information, comments and observations which will keep the reader amused for hours. Though it's aimed at children aged 7 upwards, people of all ages will find plenty to chuckle about here!

Review date: August 2022
Publication date: 18th August 2022