My book review of 'Burn' by Ben Short

by Ben Short
by Ben Short

Ben Short was doing well in his job in advertising, but the work was soul destroying. He didn't feel any pleasure or creativity in the tasks he was given, and he was battling depression and mental illness.

One day he decided to walk away.

He didn't know what he was going to do but he needed to make a change.

Taking on odd jobs and gradually moving further and further away from London, he ended up in the west country staying with his parents. He chanced upon an opening for a woodsman and, working with some unusual characters far from his office desks, he started to learn all about trees, forestry and charcoal burning.

'He lives in huts and old wagons in the woods, hauling water from wells and foraging for his supper.'

It's a fascinating account of a man and his dog, and a period of healing and growth, with an insight into the ancient crafts working on the land and trees.

Review date: April 2022
Publication date: 28th April 2022