My book review of 'Phyllis and Grace' by Nigel Gray and Bethan Welby

by Nigel Gray and Bethan Welby
Recommended age: 3+
Phyllis and Grace
by Nigel Gray and Bethan Welby

Grace is a lovely little girl who regularly visits Phyllis, her elderly neighbour.

Grace takes Phyllis biscuits, cake and jelly, and pictures she's drawn at school.

Phyllis enjoys the visits but as she tells Grace stories about her life, it's clear her memory is failing.

The little girl and the old lady work their way through forgotten names, odd happenings and strange stories and build a strong friendship which ultimately sees Grace visiting Phyllis in a new home.

It's a beautifully told story with delightful illustrations. There is plenty of text relating the relationship between the two characters, so it's a story to be read together without hurrying, with care and discussion. It sensitively presents the progression of Alzheimer's and how it might appear, for a young child to understand.


Review date: March 2022
Publication date: 7th April 2022