My book review of 'The Luckiest Kid in the World' by Danny Wallace and illustrated by Gemma Correll

by Danny Wallace and illustrated by Gemma Correll
Recommended age: 8+
The Luckiest Kid in the World
by Danny Wallace and illustrated by Gemma Correll

There's nothing unusual about Joe Smith. He is average height, with an average family, living in an average town (Didcot) and his performance in class is just about average.

But one day being average becomes rather special. 

Joe becomes the centre of attention with a television report and then businesses want him to test their products and services, to see how popular they might be to the average customer.

Joe receives loads of amazing gifts - a new bike, new trainers, ice cream and chocolate bars, trips to theme parks and holidays are all on offer to him.

At first it seems great, but Joe has many important matters to address with this popularity. How does he treat his friends and family? How much does he really want all these new things? What about the people and businesses who don't appeal to the average customer, what happens to them?

There are many issues about life today which are addressed in this fun and lighthearted family adventure. 

I also loved Danny's previous book 'The Day the Screens Went Blank', read why here.

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Review date: February 2022
Publication date: 17th February 2022