My book review of 'The Anomaly' by Herve Le Tellier

by Herve Le Tellier
The Anomaly
by Herve Le Tellier

When flight Air France 006 enters a terrifying storm, the plane duplicates.

One plane leaves the storm in March, safely landing and the passengers continuing their lives grateful for a lucky escape.

The other plane doesn't land until June. These passengers have the same mind, body and memories of the others.

The incident has no precedent and world leaders are forced to confront the situation ultimately deciding to facilitate meetings between the people who have been continuing ordinary lives for the past three months as they are introduced to their doubles. Which path will be taken? How will their lives be shared?

This is a stunning page-turner with lots going on! We're introduced to a number of the passengers and their lives before the terrifying events that come to define them, and we come alongside them as they are forced to deal with lives forever changed. It's an intriguing premise which ultimately feels horrifyingly possible!!

Review date: December 2021
Publication date: 20th January 2022