My book review of 'Breaking news' by Nick Sheridan

Breaking news

by Nick Sheridan
Recommended age: 8+
Breaking news
by Nick Sheridan

This may be aimed at 8-12-year-olds but I think we could all do with a few tips and reminders on deciphering the messages we're receiving as news in the various media sources today.

The chapters comprise fun, lively text with illustrations, and a few tasks and challenges along the way to check you're picking up the advice.

We have extraordinary access to the news today through TV and radio, newspapers, magazines and billboards, and of course all the different avenues in social media. We are being fed information 24 hours, seven days a week, but with more and more news available, it’s hard to know what to trust.

Where do stories come from? What’s real news and what’s fake? And what role does social media play in all of this?

This dynamic, entertaining and informative new book encourages young people to interrogate the stories they read. And it gives them tips on how to write articles, or become reporters, themselves. The key questions still stand - what, when, where, who, why, how. There are all the basic details of what is needed to be a reporter as well as a consumer of the news today.

It's a book which keeps you turning the pages, but is also a great guide for the all important reminders on how to assess the stories we're being fed. A book to keep close by in these challenging times!

Review date: December 2021
Publication date: 23rd December 2021