My book review of 'Einstein the Penguin' by Iona Rangeley and and David Tazzyman

Einstein the Penguin

by Iona Rangeley and and David Tazzyman
Recommended age: 7+
Einstein the Penguin
by Iona Rangeley and and David Tazzyman

This is the first book by Iona Rangeley, for readers aged 7 upwards, and has been widely promoted as a future classic. Set at Christmas, it's one of those books to pick up each year to read together.

It's wry, funny and charming, with great characters, mystery and adventure - perfect for the whole family to enjoy. I loved it!

It's a sunny and frosty day in December and the Stewart family need a diversion. They decide on a trip to London Zoo and would love to stay longer to watch the penguins. But their visit has come to an end and Mrs Stewart needs to get Imogen and Arthur home.

As Mrs Stewart eases the children away, she makes a throwaway comment to the nearest, smallest penguin, telling him he must come and stay with them whenever he likes.

It's rather a surprise, though, for Mr Stewart when he opens the front door later that evening to find a small penguin standing there, with a rucksack labelled 'Einstein' on his back.

They invite him in and the children are determined that he'll be able to stay. Arthur smuggles the penguin into his school bag, pleased finally to have a friend. Imogen, who is keen to be a detective, resolves to find out all there is to know about Einstein, and to protect him from the mysterious, shady character who seems to be stalking the family and the penguin.

It's a great story, full of humour and adventure with quirky illustrations along the way. And the audio book, narrated by Miriam Margolyes is also brilliant! 

Review date: December 2021
Publication date: 11th November 2021