My book review of 'Saving Missy' by Beth Morrey

Saving Missy

by Beth Morrey
Saving Missy
by Beth Morrey

I came to this book late. The title didn't appeal, and I just didn't think it was for me. But I kept hearing people talking about it, so I thought I'd give it a try. And then I was sorry I'd left it so long.

What a lovely, warm, affirming story! And so gentle and unassuming, such a comfort. Picking up the book was like meeting with old friends.

Missy lives alone. Her children have grown up, her husband is no longer around, and she has a big house to herself.

She walks to the park one day and joins a small crowd watching the fish being taken out of a pond. She catches the eye of Angela with her young son Oti. Strangely, because they seem to have nothing in common, the two women begin a friendship and it proves the making, or the saving, of Missy.

She meets Angela for coffee, she looks after Oti, she becomes friends with Angela's friends, she looks after a dog.

And as Missy enjoys the company of good people once again, then so she begins to come to terms with her past disappointments, regrets and guilt.

Oh, it's really lovely. There are no bells and whistles, we just gently join Missy in her daily activities and listen to her thoughts and memories. It's not a book to rush, but to savour and to delight in friendship and kindness. Wonderful!

Review date: March 2021
Publication date: 4th March 2021