My book review of 'The Survivors' by Jane Harper

The Survivors

by Jane Harper
The Survivors
by Jane Harper

Each book by Jane Harper delivers something different but is equally compelling.

This time we're in a coastal resort in Tasmania. It's a close knit community, with summer visitors and seasonal staff.

One evening a young woman is found dead on the beach. Suspicion abounds and everyone's uneasy. They all hope the perpetrator is an incomer, someone they don't know, not one of them.

Her murder opens up old wounds, renewing memories of another tragedy several years ago. A stormy day had seen two men lose their lives at sea and a young girl go missing, and blame is shared around.

Everyone is carrying a feeling of grief and guilt from those terrible events, but how could there be any link to this present death?

Wonderfully atmospheric of small town life, sapping summer weather and the power and unpredictability of the sea, with compelling characters and a gripping, perfectly paced narrative.

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Review date: October 2020
Publication date: 21st January 2021