My book review of 'Girl in the Walls' by AJ Gnuse

Girl in the Walls

by AJ Gnuse
Girl in the Walls
by AJ Gnuse

Louisana, America. An 11-year-old girl has lost her parents in a car crash. Seeking safety and comfort, she makes her way back to the family home.

But her parents had moved away from here weeks before so a new family is living here now. 

Without drawing any attention to herself, Elise sneaks into the house and hides away in the corners and cavities that she remembers so well and of which the new family know little. 

She comes out for food, exercise and to wash, only when the house is empty or the occupants asleep. 

The two brothers begin to get a sense of something odd about the house and start to explore ways of identifying and trapping the mysterious presence.

If they find Elise, what will happen? 

It's a clever, fascinating book which is full of atmosphere and tension. There is a certain timelessness about the setting and the characters, and the reader is never quite sure what is happening. Is this a ghost story? Is it a dream? Could it be tragically true?

You can't read the pages fast enough as you seek to find the answers yet you delight in spending time with Elise, learning about her day-to-day existence and her ingenuity. It's a book to read again, experiencing the story anew with the knowledge you've gathered. Loved it!

Review date: September 2020
Publication date: 4th March 2021