My book review of 'The Doll House' by Phoebe Morgan

by Phoebe Morgan
The Doll House
by Phoebe Morgan

After years of trying for a baby, things finally seemed to making a turn for the better. 

When Corinne finds a tiny piece from a doll's house outside her flat, she thinks it's a sign, and the third IVF will prove successful.

Everything seems perfect, but then more doll's house pieces turn up. Corinne recognises them from her own childhood, and can't work out who is leaving them for her. What's more, that person is very close, coming inside her house.

Corinne's sister is also facing difficulties in her own home life, with suspicions of her husband's fidelity, her teenage daughter going off the rails and her baby not seeming quite well.

No one said life would be without problems, but is someone bringing trouble to the two sisters?

This is a gripping read which kept me guessing until the conclusion. I very much enjoyed the domestic settings of the two sisters, and was intrigued to find out the answer to the mystery but the ending was very unsettling!

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Review date: April 2020
Publication date: 14th September 2017