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This table lists all my event reports in chronological order, with the most recent first.

You can search the titles for a key word in the title, an author's surname or the event year (enter as 4 digits).

Format: 2099
Title Event date Author firstname Author Surname
Elly Griffiths in conversation 13 February 2019 Elly Griffiths
Diane Setterfield in conversation 15 January 2019 Diane Setterfield
Alan Johnson in conversation 7 December 2018 Alan Johnson
Maggi Hambling in conversation 30 November 2018 Maggi Hambling
A Very Dangerous Locality 20 November 2018 Robert Liddiard
An evening with Dan Snow 12 November 2018 Dan Snow
Kate Humble in conversation 9 November 2018 Kate Humble
Patrick Gale in conversation 14 September 2018 Patrick Gale
Sarah Langford in conversation 8 September 2018 Sarah Langford
Lavinia Greenlaw in conversation 4 September 2018 Lavinia Greenlaw
Peter Robinson in conversation 7 August 2018 Peter Robinson
James Henry in conversation 25 July 2018 James Henry
Introducing Anne Youngson 7 June 2018 Anne Youngson
Jeffery Deaver in conversation 22 May 2018 Jeffrey Deaver
Ruth Hogan in conversation 2 May 2018 Ruth Hogan
Diana Henry in conversation 9 April 2018 Diana Henry
Robert Peston in conversation 11 January 2018 Robert Peston
Maggie O'Farrell in conversation 6 November 2017 Maggie O'Farrell
Sabrina Ghayour's Feasts 4 September 2017 Sabrina Ghayour
Donal Ryan in conversation 27 June 2017 Donal Ryan