My book review of 'The Library Suicides' by Fflur Dafydd

by Fflur Dafydd
The Library Suicides
by Fflur Dafydd

Twins Ana and Nan have struggled since their mother killed herself, driven to her death by her long-term literary critic, Eben. They are determined to get their revenge and set about enacting a terrible and terrifying sequence of events in the National Library where their mother's archive is stored.

Their plans go awry however and they end up taking library staff and researchers hostage.

The novel tracks the events through different perspectives. All the characters are slightly odd in what reads as a black comedy. It's compelling, but unsettling as we learn of the lives of damaged individuals and a near-future where books and the written word is under threat. 

Interesting, thought-provoking, haunting, puzzling...weird!? There's lots going on. It made me feel rather uncomfortable, but I enjoyed being challenged to think about literary criticism and the place of books in our lives and society.

Review date: February 2023
Publication date: 19th January 2023