My book review of 'Wake' by Shelley Burr

by Shelley Burr
by Shelley Burr

I do rather like Australian crime novels. It's something about the space, the heat, the community, and the writing of course - there are some very good ones coming out at the moment.

Mina and Alanna are friends with a unique bond - 20 years ago both their sisters disappeared.

Lane Holland has arrived in town and is hoping to win himself the reward by finding out what happened to the two young girls all those years ago.

But although Lane has set himself up as a private investigator, he has his own secrets, his own troubled past, and he needs money to keep his little sister safe.

Gripping, atmospheric, good characterisation, and an interesting take on the effects of publicity when experiencing tragedy and the family trauma from violent crime.

Review date: April 2022
Publication date: 9th June 2022