Details for 'Potkin and Stubbs' by Sophie Green

Potkin and Stubbs

by Sophie Green
Recommended age: 9+
A fabulous, inventive, funny, detective-ghost story which is the first of a trilogy. And what a great cover!
Potkin and Stubbs
by Sophie Green
My review:
Peligan City is a dark, bleak and sinister place and crime and corruption is rife, yet Lil Potkin in her bright yellow raincoat presents a beacon of hope as a young crusading reporter eager to right wrongs, and solve mysteries.
When Lil finds Nedly Stubbs, a boy who has been missing for a year, she thinks this could be the scoop which might make her name. 
She enlists the help of the once-famous detective Abe Mandrel to piece together the sequence of events leading up to Nedly's disappearance, but she soon realises that no one can see Nedly except her! 
It’s a funny, quirky, inventive, spooky book, a 'detective-ghost-story-comedy' that’s been illustrated by the award-winning Karl Mountford. Aimed at children aged nine and above, this is the first of a series telling the adventures of Potkin and Stubbs.
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Review date March 2019