Details for 'Victor, the Wolf with Worries' by Catherine Rayner

Victor, the Wolf with Worries

by Catherine Rayner
Recommended age: 3+
A beautiful, gentle and reassuring story about how one particular wolf dealt with the things worrying him.
Victor, the Wolf with Worries
by Catherine Rayner
My review:

You're not too young to be troubled with worries and anxiety, so this is a beautiful picture book offering advice and encouragement to children aged three years upwards, from the perspective of a little wolf called Victor.

Victor is anxious about everything it seems. He's worried he's not brave enough, fierce enough, big enough. 

Fortunately he's able to share these concerns with his best friend, Pablo. By talking together, Victor finds his big problems become smaller but then Pablo also shares some ideas for overcoming these worries.

Gradually Victor begins to feel bigger, braver and fiercer, and the young readers see how they too might benefit from talking through any issues they might have.

Review date July 2023
Publication date: 27th July 2023