Details for 'Taste' by Stanley Tucci


by Stanley Tucci
A charming, wry memoir from the lovely Stanley Tucci with recipes, cocktails and scripts of conversations!
by Stanley Tucci
My review:

Last year I stumbled across a tv series called 'Searching for Italy', presented by the actor Stanley Tucci. Loving all things Italian, and having enjoyed Tucci in 'The Devil Wears Prada' and 'Julie and Julia' among other films, I gave it a go and was hooked. Beautiful scenery, food that made your mouth water and interviews in Italian with subtitles - after years of not being able to travel anywhere, this was a tonic!

Yet it's taken me a little while to pick up this memoir by the charming Tucci. It's now out in paperback, and finally I thought I'd read it. 

You can hear his voice in his writing, and his humour is evident too. At times you can also imagine his twinkling eyes, sharing wry asides with the reader just as if he was giving a knowing look to the camera.

It's an account of key points of his life in terms of the food he's enjoyed. His parents feature strongly, but he also gives us a sneak into his marriage and a recent health scare as well as behind the scenes at some of his most familiar films (I loved reading about the catering on set!).

He is creative in telling the story as he weaves some of his favourite recipes through the chapters, gives us a few critiques of meals and restaurants, and even dramatises some conversations, presenting them as a play or film script. 

It's a lovely book. Very enjoyable to read, and with dishes and cocktails to try too. 

Review date February 2023
Publication date: 1st September 2022