Details for 'And away' by Bob Mortimer

And away

by Bob Mortimer
Lovely to read more about the bizarre experiences and quirky take on life from the comedian Bob Mortimer.
And away
by Bob Mortimer
My review:

No, I don't usually read celebrity autobiographies but I do like to learn about people's life stories and have a soft spot for comedian Bob Mortimer from his recent television appearances so when this book crossed my path, I couldn't resist taking a look. And it's a very easy, interesting read which doesn't present a straightforward chronological account, so is engaging from the outset.

I had high hopes of this book. I am always in hysterics whenever Bob Mortimer appears on the comedy panel show 'Would I Lie to You' and I've chuckled at his antics on the riverside in 'Gone Fishing with Mortimer and Whitehouse'. 

In these recent tv programmes he has combined his quirky sense of humour with a bemusement at his life's journey, and a melancholy and vulnerability in revealing his health problems through a serious heart condition.

This book details more of what he has shared in these programmes. He also explains his luck in meeting comedy partner Vic Reeves.

The thing that was missing for me was his energy and his voice so I might be looking out the audio book too.

Review date October 2022
Publication date: 26th May 2022