Details for 'The Life of an MP' by Jess Phillips

The Life of an MP

by Jess Phillips
A very enjoyable and informative read which, with great clarity, reminds us why it's important to be engaged with politics and politicians.
The Life of an MP
by Jess Phillips
My review:

There's not much that attracts me to politics at present, but I've admired the straight talking and humour of Labour MP Jess Phillips in the past, so thought that I'd give this a try.

And it's a very enjoyable and informative read. With great clarity, she reminds us of why it's important for us to be engaged with politics and politicians.

We may have an opinion on the state of politics today, but do we really know how and why things happen?

In this book, Jess Phillips describes her experience of Westminster, of the UN, of surgeries in her constituency.

It's funny and exasperating, and it's incredibly readable. This is such a page-turner. You don't want to put it down because it's packed with useful, accessible information and it's a thoroughly entertaining read, but it's also energising. You actually feel as though you could and should do something to help change the world for the better, by getting involved. 

Review date September 2022
Publication date: 5th April 2022