Details for 'The Accidental Stowaway' by Judith Eagle

The Accidental Stowaway

by Judith Eagle
Recommended age: 8+
An action-packed, nostalgic adventure with a contemporary feel, set on a steam liner crossing the Atlantic. Wonderful!
The Accidental Stowaway
by Judith Eagle
My review:

A beautiful nostalgic cover then a wonderful illustration of the interior layout of a transatlantic steamship, and that's before you get to a contemporary take on a good old-fashioned, fast-paced adventure. 

Aimed at readers aged 8 upwards, this is a glorious mystery on the sea, exploring family, friendship, loyalty and trust.

Patch hasn't had a great run in her young life and has had to learn to fend for herself so when she finds herself on the gangplank of a steamship just as it's about to sail, she decides to chance her luck on a big adventure.

It's a risky venture, though, setting off from Liverpool for a voyage to New York, and being discovered as a stowaway isn't a great option, but Patch turns to new friends and her own ingenuity to adopt an identity to get by. She seems to be having a wonderful time until she starts to discover that people aren't all they seem. Who can she trust? What secrets can she uncover? 

This is action-packed and fast moving. The characters are compelling and engaging, and the setting is a delight for anyone who loves the potential of the open sea and the romance of an ocean liner. It's a fabulously uplifting and energising story. Loved it! 

Review date August 2022
Publication date: 4th August 2022