Details for 'Luna Loves Dance' by Joseph Coelho

Luna Loves Dance

by Joseph Coelho
Recommended age: 3+
Celebrating the joy of dance, culture and family in the latest story about Luna.
Luna Loves Dance
by Joseph Coelho
My review:

While this is the fourth in the picture book series about Luna and her family, it is my introduction to the writing of the new children's laureate, Joseph Coelho, and it's rather lovely!

When Luna dances, the world comes alive but when she takes her dance exam, she trips and stumbles and fears that she will never become a proper dancer.

Her friends and family seek to comfort and reassure Luna, reminding her of the pleasure she gains from all the different types of dance and movement she knows. 

In the vibrant colours, cheery faces and fluid illustrations, the characters in this delightful story seem to dance across the pages. A special fold out section shows the whole community enjoying a carnival too.

It's a beautiful book which celebrates family as well as different cultures, backgrounds, experiences and abilities. I'll be looking out for the other stories about Luna - she also explores books, art and libraries!

Review date July 2022
Publication date: 2nd June 2022