Details for 'Needle' by Patrice Lawrence


by Patrice Lawrence
Recommended age: 12+
A gripping and compelling drama touching on fostering and the criminal justice system, aimed at the early teen who is struggling with their reading.
by Patrice Lawrence
My review:

This is another book from the brilliant Barrington Stoke, publisher of novels for young people who might be struggling with their reading.

This title by the popular writer for young adults, Patrice Lawrence is aimed at children aged 12 and above but who have a reading age of eight years. It's an excellent and gripping story.

Charlene loves knitting. The repetitive action helps her to cope with the difficulties she's facing now that her mum has died and she and her little sister, Kandi have been separated.

Living with a foster family, Charlene is doing her best to adapt but people always seem to assume the worst from her. Then when the special blanket she's been knitting for Kandi gets destroyed by her foster mum's son, she loses control entirely and finds herself in a police cell. Will she be able to find a way to say sorry?

Some serious issues are covered in this book but it's sensitively handled. The characters are compelling and the story keeps you turning the pages. Though the design of the pages and style of writing is aimed at eight-year-olds this book has plenty to offer older readers. I was gripped.

Review date May 2022
Publication date: 5th May 2022