Details for 'The Comet' by Joe Todd-Stanton

The Comet

by Joe Todd-Stanton
Recommended age: 3+
Nyla has to leave her home in the countryside for a new life in the city, and she's struggling. Then a comet crashes through the streets and gives Nyla a chance to escape.
The Comet
by Joe Todd-Stanton
My review:

Beautifully detailed illustrations in a sophisticated layout gives the feel of a graphic novel almost, in this stunning picture book for children aged three years up.

Nyla and her dad have to move house. They've had a wonderful time together living in the countryside, but dad's job has changed and not only are they now living in the city but there are a lot of changes to their routine that they have to negotiate. There's no picturesque scenery through the window, no nutritious meals to cook together, no time for playing together. Nyla is miserable.

One night, though, she spots a comet in the sky and it transports her up and away from the city streets. And soon dad shares in the magic too, so that together again they start making their new home. 

This is a wonderful book. I loved the illustrations and it's a delightful way of overcoming the difficulties of moving house and being open to new and exciting experiences.  

Review date February 2022
Publication date: 3rd March 2022